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Cerita-Cerita Rakyat Dari Kalimantan Barat VII

These are traditional folktales of West Kalimantan. The book contains stories about the origin of the Kingdom of Sambas, where according to the author the word SAMBAS comes from Chinese language. SAM=three, BAS=suku/ethnic. The word came up when the British attacked the region in 1812 which was inhabited by three ethnic groups, namely: the Dayaks, Malays and Chinese. The three groups were fighting separately, and were thus referred to in Chinese as Sambas. Another story relates about a gathering held at the State Museum of Pontianak. It was attended by royal families of Sambas Palace Sambas and the Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam who were related. The father of a high ranking prince came from the Kingdom of Brunei, and his mother Queen Surya came from the Kingdom of Sukadana Ketapang. The book also includes various miscellaneous stories such as punishment for greed, Setinjang Island, a fisherman who caught a fish he did not want, about Feng Shui and Black Cat.

Location : UNTAN /

Note: 64 pages


Series Name:

Author: Syahzaman

Publisher: Romeo Grafika, Pontianak (2000)

Language: Malay

Location: Universitas Tanjungpura