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Citra wira rakyat dalam lagenda : Mat Salleh

The history of Mat Salleh rebellion started in 1894 when the Charted Company introduced the new rules and regulation. At that time, KBBU considered Mat Salleh as a rebel and any rebellious activities will be connected to him. For many years, the new generation have been taught to deplore Mat Salleh and labeled him as a trouble maker. Sadly, most of the records available on the cause of the rebellion gathered from the administrator at that time on Mat Sallehs side of the story were downgraded. Because of this, the writer have to a research about the Mat Salleh from point of view of the local Sabahan. The research was made not only because of the history itself but to know more about the thinking and conception of the local about the Legend of Mat Salleh.

Location : UMS /

Note: 177pp

ISBN/ISSN No.: 983218861X

Series Name:

Author: Low Kok On

Publisher: UMS (2001)

Language: Malay

Location: Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Digital Content:
  1. Citra Wira Rakyat Dalam Lagenda Mat Salleh.pdf (11 MB)
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